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Clay Detailing Kit


Part No. 38000

New! Clay Detailing Kit: This unique kit contains everything you need to smooth, clean, and restore the finish of your car. The clay bar is specially formulated to glide across the surface of the paint, picking up contaminants while smoothing the finish. This is an excellent first step towards the perfect swirl free result. The clay bar will deep clean and remove paint overspray, road tar, grease, tree sap and other environmental contaminants that stick to the finish of the paint. Simply spray on the lubricant, wipe the clay bar across the surface of the paint, wipe clean, then seal the finish with the high quality carnauba car wax included.

Kit includes:
118mL. Bottle Clay Lubricant Spray
118mL. Bottle of Carnauba Car Polish
80 gram Clay Bar

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