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Foam Safe CA Hobby Glue- 20gm

Part No. 13408

DynaGrip® FOAM SAFE CA HOBBY GLUE is a low viscosity adhesive with low odour, great for bonding applications where ventilation is a problem. Low blooming formula reduces frosted residue in critical cosmetic bondings. Suitable for most foams and a wide variety of materials. Can be use in conjunction with DynaGrip® FOAM CA ACTIVATOR (P/N 11144) to speed up curing.

This product works best on:

POLYSTYRENE                    PVC                        
POLYCARBONATE              POLYMIDE        
PEEK                                     PETG           
LATEX                                   ALUMINIUM
FIBREGLASS                        STEEL
MOST PLASTICS                 METAL
CERAMIC                             ACRYLIC

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